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5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is So Important In 2022

5 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is So Important In 2022

Saikat Pyne
Saikat Pyne

In today’s highly competitive world, if you don’t get prospective employers and clients to notice you, you’re likely to miss out on job and business opportunities.

The term “personal branding” was coined back in 1997, by American business author, Tom Peters. Tom believed that no matter which industry we work in, we’re all CEOs of our own brands, and that means for us to keep up with the times, we must market ourselves just as aggressively as some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Thomas J. Peters is an American writer on business management practices

It’s been 25 years since Tom’s prophecy. Does his belief still hold up?

Let’s find out.

I meet a lot of very successful friends and colleagues who find the idea of building a personal brand uncomfortable. For them, it seems like a fancy term for being a braggadocio. However, in today’s highly competitive digital world, its highly likely that if you don’t get prospective employers and clients to notice you, you’re likely to miss out on job and business opportunities.

With that, here are 5 reasons you must consider working on your personal brand:

  1. Its getting more competitive than ever before

As per World Bank data, India had a total of 472 million people employed in 2020. And according to a recently survey by LinkedIn, 4 out of every 5 working professional is considering changing jobs this year.

Some of your savvier colleagues are already working on their personal branding, fixing their LinkedIn profiles, creating sleek personal websites, crafting their brand statements and so on. If you don’t work on your personal branding, you’re making it harder for prospective employers and recruiters to find and endorse you. A company will always be more eager to interview a candidate who is an expert in their segment.

2. Think beyond an ‘employee’ mindset

While you may not be an entrepreneur, it’s important to be seen as more than just an employee who gets paid to achieve their targets. Today’s businesses don’t want employees at mid-senior and senior levels - they want expert collaborators who can do more than just good work. By crafting a strong personal brand, you can position yourself as the industry expert who helps take a company forward.

3. Easier networking

In 2022, job and business opportunities are more likely to come to those who have a more robust professional network - both offline and online.

Personal branding positions you as someone worth getting to know. This will help bring more suitable professional opportunities to you, and your reputation and credibility will do half the job.

4. The digital domain will empower newbies

Remote work and events is the new normal. Even after the pandemic ends, many of us will keep working remotely, or networking online without meeting our colleagues or industry peers in person.

If you are new to personal branding, and feel uncomfortable selling yourself in person, this is a boon. You’ll appreciate the ability to curate your professional persona online.

5. Exciting new opportunities on the the horizon

One of the most exciting aspects of our increasingly digital professional environment is that there are new and exciting opportunities for skilled labor. While your interests may not have aligned with traditional job roles, you can now create your own niche. Personal branding will help you open yourself up to these new and exciting job and business opportunities.