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7 Proven Steps To Building A Successful Native Advertising Strategy

7 Proven Steps To Building A Successful Native Advertising Strategy

Saikat Pyne
Saikat Pyne

Native advertising is an effective and potent means for brands to influence users and scale their marketing efforts. It capitalizes on paid and owned media and allows marketers to add campaign reach with owned media. It can be as simple or as complex as a brand chooses; but either way, marketers must make sure that they understand the fundamentals of a successful native advertising strategy:

Step 1 – Enforce Trust & Transparency

When planning a native advertising campaign, marketers must disclose that the placement is commercial in nature and hyperlink to policies that govern such ads.

Step 2 – Build A Robust Content Strategy

Marketers must have a concrete content strategy before they plan native accomplishments.

Step 3 – Collaborate with Content Creators

Encouraging internal and external collaboration with content creators to help scale native markering efforts. Given social media conversation is volatile, teams must be agile, able to learn quickly, and adapt.

Step 4 – Factor In Earned Media

Marketers must be sure that they factor in ways to share and amplify the message they want to highlight in native advertising. This helps extend the campaign’s reach.

Step 5 – Track Unique Native Content

Making sure that the marketing team tracks the native content that resonates the most across social channels is a bonus. This will help them build and maintain libraries of content that can be broken into discrete units that can be deployed swiftly in a wide variety of formats as native content.

Step 6 – Scale Effectively

If these steps are followed effectively, success can be achieved with effective scaling. While most native campaigns cannot be reproduced elsewhere on command, some vendor solutions do help scale such campaigns.

Step 7 – Measure & Refine

Developing key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each native advertising campaign, and measuring the effectiveness of the native advertising campaign would help refine the strategy for the future.