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5 Lead Generation Landing Page Creation Tips That Work

5 Lead Generation Landing Page Creation Tips That Work

Saikat Pyne
Saikat Pyne

There are multiple ways to create a high-converting mobile landing page. You should remember to keep the copy short, including a CTA button. In case you have a form, you should try to get your mobile visitors to sign up instantly and consider reducing the number of fields.

However, there are some finer aspects of creating a landing page that makes a huge difference:

#1: Be Consistent In Your Brand Positioning

An obvious way to turn new visitors away is by not delivering on your brand promise. This means the language and messaging of a brand has to be consistent across your website.

#2: Write A Scannable Copy

The best approach to write a lead generation copy for your landing page is to keep the copy short and sweet with bullet points, arrows and dashes. These copies should appeal to the distracted mind, and given most of us live in a multitasking world, no one is open to reading large paragraphs of text.

#3: Use Premium & Relevant Visuals

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it takes text. This is why using content with relevant images helps drive higher views than those without it. Visuals can truly take your lead generation game a level higher.

#4: Implement a Chat System on The Landing Page

If you have the bandwidth to support it, a chat system is an excellent way to provide superior service and improve your odds of winning new leads.

#5: Remove Distractions

It can be tempting to link to other relevant material, however, this mistake often leads to visitors becoming distracted and further away from the goal of filling out the form you need them to. Getting rid of the navigation, and not linking elsewhere within the copy often helps remove unnecessary distraction.